Thank you so much for making the first step into your burlesque journey. We were delighted to meet you all today. As we discussed class will be starting at 11am for the week of 3/2/14. I did look through the schedule and the only other time we need to move up the class is 3/23/14 for noon. I will remind you again as it comes closer. Again this is not in our control so I do apologize. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Next weeks agenda:
What inspires you, beginning prep work for costume design first have of class and dance movement during second half. We will also start eyelash prep.

To bring:
Eyelashes (can be bought cheaply at right aid/walgreens/mlk beauty supply)
Duo (eyelash glue)
Liquid Eyeliner (wet and wild works great)
Burlesque handout
What inspires you ideas

true red lipstick
heels that you may want to perform in

Our schedule is up to date with the class agenda as well. Please check out our featured burlesque events and we will see you next week!

Holly and Tana