What do I love about the teachers at All That Glitters Burlesque Academy?!? They love women and totally celebrate everything fun and sexy about being a lady….
-Ariel Z. Former Student

We attended a stripping technique class taught by Jo “Boobs” Weldon there yesterday, and it was just wonderful! Intimate setting in a cozy atmosphere, and gracious hostesses. Not to mention wonderful pointers by Miss Weldon herself. Highly recommended.
-Whiskey Tango Performer

All that Glitters Burlesque Academy is a burlesque focused studio that is owned by Holly Dai. The Burlesque 101 workshops are taught by Holly Dai. Curious to know a little more about your instructors? Want to know a little more about Burlesque History? Check it out here. Got questions? Look at our FAQs!

Holly Daihd5
Portland’s long legged lovely
Holly Dai debuted in 2009 alongside the Rose City Shimmy. She founded the very first school in Oregon to teach burlesque and has been teaching since 2010. Notable performances include the Windy City Burlesque Festival; Chicago Illinois, The Great Burlesque Exposition awarded Most Classic 2011; Boston Massachusetts, The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival. Holly Dai has toured the West Coast performing from Seattle WA, Portland OR, Oakland CA, Ventura CA, San Diego CA. She has taught classes for the local Portland belly dance convention JamBallah and has been accepted to teach classes for the national convention for burlesque instruction, BurlyCon.

I highly recommend going here for learning burlesque. The instructors have many years of experience, and amazing credentials, and show you everything from make up, hair, costume, and how to build a routine! A real confidence builder!
-Melissa Ozzy Former Student

The teachers are so professional and knowledgeable, yet they are able to create such a supportive and welcoming atmosphere that builds such camaraderie among teachers and fellow students. They have such a full package approach that focuses on classic burlesque moves, costuming, and performance. All of which is great preparation for a wonderful introduction into the burlesque community. Best of all, the class was great work and lots of fun!
-Ruby Rounds Former Student

I love dance. I’ve always wanted to perform and had no clue how to go about it… until one day at the analog I seen these flyers for classes. I am so glad that I took both a fan dance and burlesque 101 with these beautiful ladies…They are so much fun and talented. Thank you.
-Sassy Cassie Former Student

I have grown so much as a dancer and person due to this lovely studio! I’m super excited to have a home away from home to go to weekly classes and meet more burlesque performers.
-Cardinal Vixen Former Student