Visiting Instructors

Visiting Instructors

We are proud to be the home to many visiting instructors from around the nation. Past instructors that have taught workshops for Holly Dai include Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Kellita, Luminous Pariah, J. Von Stratton, Eliza DeLite, Perle Noire, Eliza DeLite, Armitage Shanks, Tiffany Carter, Valerie Viels, Lola Coquette, Honey Cocoa Bordeaux, Dr. Lucky Phd, Shanghai Pearl, Lydia DeCarllo, Kitten DeVille, Violetta Berretta, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Minnie Tonka, Anita Cookie, GiGi LaFemme, Clams Casino, Honi Harlow, and many more in the future. To see who may be coming into town please view our details below.
13735616_976138852502326_4843669925168059683_oCOMING THIS October 9th 3pm-430pm
We are honored to have Ariel Helvetica (CAN) coming to Portland to teach with All That Glitters Burlesque Academy.

Can Can Kick It!
Did you know “Can Can” means scandal in French? This high-energy dance originated in the working class ballrooms of Paris and eventually became a highly choreographed routine lasting 10 minutes or more. In Ariel’s “Can Can Kick It” class you will learn the suggestive, provocative and high kicking dance move that was once considered “shocking”. Come learn from professional high-kicker Ariel Helvetica who has performed the Can Can on stages in France and around the world. This class is for all levels, and is perfect for those looking to increase flexibility and strength.


Ariel Helvetica has been stamping her unique font all over the Vancouver Burlesque scene since her October 2011 solo debut. A born and raised dancer, Ariel spent 5 years abroad, wowing audiences in France as a professional Can-Can/Showgirl, and then criss-crossing the globe and criss-crossing her long legs as a professional high-kicker on cruise ships, visiting 45 countries along the way.
Growing up and training to be a serious dancer, Ms. Helveticas natural talent and drive took her far into the realm of traditional dance and ballet. But her love of performing, musicals, show tunes and, above all else, dancing to the beat of her own drum, hinted she would eventually leave those constricting toe shoes behind for bigger – and higher – kicks. Sure enough, Ariels raw sense of creativity and passion soon pulled her towards the hot red lights of burlesque, where she finally gave in to temptation, biting the apple of this delightful art form. Ariel is a proud member of Pandora & the Locksmiths- a dynamic collective of professional singers, dancers, striptease artists and musicians. You can also find this kinky kicker working her magic across local stages in her city at the Orchid Club, Go Go Bungalow at the Shameful Tiki Room, Nightmare Before Nutcracker and many, many more! Ariel has performed at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Southwest Burlesque Showcase in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival and world renowned New Orleans Burlesque Festival where she competed for the coveted title of Queen of Burlesque in 2015. In 2016 Ariel also headed south to sin city to compete for Miss Viva Las Vegas. Ms. Helvetica is a teacher at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and has also brought her Can Can expertise to BurlyCon Burlesque Arts Convention in Seattle, Washington.

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redbone_dennis-driscoll4COMING NOVEMBER 16th 6:30-7:30pm

We are happy to announce RedBone (SF) coming to teach with All that Glitters Burlesque Academy.

Making Choreography Easy with RedBone
What is choreography? In a nutshell, choreography is designing & memorizing moments, motion and/or formations to and from the next moment, motion and/or formation. Dancing should compliment or enhance the story youre telling, not distract! Keep it simple! Standing with beautiful posture and lines can be just as powerful as intricate choreography. Move right for you and grow from there. In this class we will:
A: Walk and talk stage mapping and the emotional ties of certain spots on stage.
B: Play with exercises to assist in coming up with movement and how to apply and manipulate it.
C: Talk about various ways to memorize what you create.
Please bring: heels, notebook & writing utensil and wear comfortable clothes for movement.
Note: This is a composition style class. Not specifically a dance class. I will not be giving you movement. You will be learning tools & ideas to create your own movement.

About the Instructor:
RedBone is one of the biggest names in national burlesque! Since 2005, RedBone has been travelling the world as one of the Wham Bam Thank You Maams, backing up the infamous Foxy Tann in her quest for world domination. RedBone was named one of The National Top 8 by Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in 2013 & Judges choice 2016 and recently competed for Queen at the 2015 Burlesque Hall of Fame! With a classical dance education and the degree from the dance school of hard knocks, RedBone brings you a unique perspective and a wide range of knowledge that you cant find anywhere else. RedBone has been teaching dance for over a decade, and is now bringing her talents to the students of burlesque with a gentle hand and high expectations.

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COMING November 16th 7:45pm-845pm

Fabulous Is A State of Mind

Sometimes a girl has GOT to be fabulous! Whether it be on stage, in the boardroom, or at a podium, there are times when a womans gotta be larger than life. The Fox is offering an exciting and fun way to get in touch with a truthful inner confidence using burlesque as a framework. You will create and use pathways and methodologies that will help you forge a more sexy and confident you in an authentic and organic way allowing you to tap into show stopping energy whenever you need it. Work with what you have and love what you work with! Its a physical class with guided discussions and critiques in a safe, supportive environment. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!

About the Instructor:
Foxy Tann has been hailed as one of The Top 10 Burlesque Performers To Watch by The Huffington Post, dubbed the Boss of Burlesque and a pioneer of the neo-burlesque movement by The Star Tribune and crowned in 2006, with her trusty sidekicks The Wham Bam Thank You Maams, Best Group and Most Vegas at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, which has been called the Super Bowl of Burlesque by the New York Times. The Fox has been working professionally for over 20 years in drag, burlesque, theatre and the classroom. Foxy has taught circus, burlesque, costuming and acting to hundreds of people, bringing a unique teaching style of high expectations along with a fun and supportive environment.

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