Burlesque 101
We do allow drop ins to the first three classes for new students and allow drop ins to all classes for alumni. Drop in classes cost $50 per drop-in. Payment is due at the beginning of class. Prices cost less for students when bought as a full package. If a student chooses to enroll in all classes after a drop in, 40% of drop in fees can be applied toward tuition total.

Below is a brief description of classes. Each class will be given homework during the course.

  • Class one
    Students explore types of teases, music visualization, and beginning movement
  • Class two
    Beginning prep work for costume design first have of class and dance movement during second half.
  • Class Three
    Practicing face, working with costumes and striping choreography
  • Class Four
    Polished hair and makeup lessons. During this date each student will also have set appointments for their one-on-one lesson.
  • Class Five
    Practicing face, practicing showmanship and parade choreography. This is the second one-on-one lesson appointment date.
  • Class Six
    Parade choreography, costume troubleshooting and full run through
  • Week Seven
    Class performance!
  • Week Eight
    Class soiree and decompress time! Join your fellow classmates in our breakdown and class party!
  • YogaTease
    Coming Soon!