Before registering for classes be sure to look at our classes page to view the class that best suits your needs. We also have workshops and visiting instructors periodically and we often offer discounts to our alumni members. For a calendar of our upcoming classes please review our schedule.

Please visit out registration page with brown paper tickets when you are looking for Burlesque 101 or workshops at

All other weekly classes are available weekly and you can purchase a membership by checking out our Pricing. Please check our schedule to see when classes are offered!

Burlesque 101 and Advanced Tuition Facts

  • Class runs for six weeks. There is a performance on the seventh week. On the eighth week we hold a soiree for our students to reflect on our performances
  • Total class costs are $275 including a $50 non-refundable deposit.
  • If you are ill or some other tragedy has occurred, please notify us no later than 7 FULL business days before class. We will not issue any refund if notice has not been given. This is because we do not over book classes and may have had to turn away a student because the class was full.
  • We do not issue any refunds after the first day of class. Again this is because we do not over book classes.
  • Our $50 deposit portion is not refundable.
  • Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. We often invite out of town guests and cannot change the ticketing once issued
  • Class fees are not transferable to other students or sessions. When you purchase yours spot in class it is yours, you own it.
  • If you cancel right before a class or series, we can’t give you a refund or credit because it would cost us every penny of what you paid, since there isn’t time for us to offer someone else the slot. Even if we keep your deposit, we still lose out on the balance someone would have paid to take the class; For this reason we can also NOT offer partial series attendance. If you can’t make a class during a series, we can’t offer you a substitute class, because we can’t refill a slot in a series. It’s as if you rented a car and didn’t drive it–it’s still the case that no one else could drive it during the day you had it rented. You may, however, offer it to a friend and have them pay you, as long as you let us know someone else will be attending in your place. But we will not be responsible for collecting from them–they must pay YOU.
  • By registering for a class you are agreeing to our refund policy and terms.