All that Glitters Burlesque is a small business founded by Holly Dai. We are tiny but mighty! As you come in you will be immediately in our space.

Our Flow!- Classes are usually taught in sections starting with a warm up. Follow along and get your blood pumping. Don’t worry about perfecting every movement. After getting the body moving, stretching comes next followed by the choreography.

What to Wear

We want you to be comfortable! Since this is a burlesque studio you may see instructors in crop tops and heels occasionally but this does not have to be you! Most students wear gym related gear or yoga, we recommend bringing a pair of tennis shoes or dance heels depending on your comfort level. If you have never danced in heels before please do not bring them as a teacher can help you ease into this transition.

Tricks to your first experiences.

NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU! So don’t worry if you miss a step. Learning is all part of the process. Classes always get better and better the more you continue to try and never give up!

Sometimes beginners feel frustrated that they didn’t hit all the marks. Don’t let this get you down! Even veterans can take time understanding dance moves I (Holly Dai) still have to ask questions about which direction I was supposed to turn and routines don’t always sink it till the 10th try.

Your teacher wants you to succeed. They might offer tips and suggestions and push you to get it right. It is dance instruction, after all. Take whatever advice you can get!