New Students

Getting Started in Yoga

The most intimidating thing about starting yoga is often not knowing enough about yoga to know what to expect. I hate to admit this but before I owned Pureheart Yoga I had only been to Yoga once, about 8 years prior to purchasing this business. I tell you this because I was just as intimidated to start Yoga as you are, even owning a yoga studio. I purchased the yoga business because I wanted a space to teach my dance classes out of and I did not have a desire to dissolve a running business that the local community enjoys. So, as a person who is very new to Yoga, here is what I can tell you to expect, what you should bring, and hopefully I can help you be less nervous about coming to join us in class. – Adam Cornett

First, here are the things you will need to know and have before your first class.

  1. Come a little early. 10-15 minutes early is a nice way to get comfortable with our studio
  2. Comfortable clothes. Something that is not too loose but will allow movement.
  3. Don’t come on a full stomach
  4. Introduce yourself to the instructor and let the know of any injuries that might limit your movement

Something that was very new to me were the words used by the teacher. They would call out the poses in sanskrit. Just match what the teacher is doing with their body. If they know it is your first time they will be sure to help you. Also, at the end of the class everyone, on the teachers cue, will get into Savasana, or Corpse Pose, be sure to stay in Savasana and let your body rest. This is part of the class. The teacher will let everyone know when it is time to change poses and when the class is over. Often times the teacher will say “namaste” at the end of class, this simply means “I bow to you.”